Whether on an existing building or a new development, our skilled installers have the expertise and know-how to install new fire doorsets to all the criteria required by law.

At Doorview, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients can rest assured that all their fire doors meet the relevant regulations and we can help with our fire door installation services.


Whether on an existing building or a new development, our skilled installers are accredited to the BM TRADA Q mark Fire Door Instalation scheme attesting to their competence in the installation of new fire doorsets, ensuring your new fire doors will be installed to the latest fire performance standards.

BS8214:2016 Code of Practice

When embarking on installation works for fire doors, we work in accordance to BS8214:2016 Code of Practice for fire door assemblies. Installation of fire doors will consists of the following:

• Ensuring the gaps between door and frame are less than 4mm
• Installing all ironmongery (with intumescent gaskets where required)
• Ensuring the fire door self closes
• Installing all required  smoke and intumescent seals
• Installing automatic dropseals to the bottom of doors (where required)
• Injecting the linear gap between the door frame and the wall with fire foam completely filling the void.


Since we were founded in 2013, we have worked on hundreds of projects installing fire doors to the relevant fire standards. Our experienced team of installers have the know-how to ensure that your fire doors will be fitted with a minimum of fuss.

Take a look at a selection of completed projects in our case study section.

Cleanroom and healthcare timber doors from Doorview


Doorview offer a free initial consultation regarding any fire door inspections, repairs or replacements that you require. We also provide no obligation quotes for work you may need. Just fill in the form (opposite) and we will be in touch to discuss your fire door requirements further.